How a Water Rowing Machine gives a Realistic Rowing Experience

water rowing machineI am sharing this with you today because I think people need to know the truth, there is a secret out there. If you are looking to purchase a rowing machine for your home fitness but also want the most realistic rowing experience you can get whilst remaining indoors then you need to try a water rowing machine!

Sure they tend to be more expensive than some of the other models, the cheapest ones are starting at around $700 but they are worth it if you have the cash. Using one of these is truly one of the most rewarding experiences compared to the more traditional, mechanical feeling rowing machines. You can find more information at

The difference in design compared to hydraulic, magnetic or air rowers is that water ones actually have a little tank of water with a paddle inside. You can see it going round with every stroke, along with a relaxing swoosh sound that means if you close your eyes it almost feels as if you are outside on the water. You will also be unable to alter the resistance but that isn’t really a problem because the harder you row the more force you will encounter.

Thanks to the performance monitor, I can see that from 30 minutes of rowing I normally do a distance of 8000 meters. That is actually considerably more than I used to achieve when using a standard hydraulic rowing machine at the local gym. This is great because despite doing more miles, it actually felt like I was putting in less effort due to the elegance of the machine.

I’m now wondering why I didn’t buy one of these babies sooner. It is no surprise that some of the top rowing athletes in the world use these machines for their training. They really are a joy to use and give you one of the best workouts money can buy.

Romney Tax Records Stolen and Threatened to be released

tax recordsThe Secret Service is investigating a possible theft of copies of Mitt Romney’s federal tax records during a break in at an office in Franklin. The group responsible is demanding $1million or they will make the copies public.

The anonymous letter was published online and sent to the accounting firm and political offices of Mitt Romney. It demands the money be sent using a hard to trace electronic method to prevent them disclosing the copies.

There has been some controversy over Romney’s tax records so far and it has become an important talking point in his 2012 presidential race. He has released his records for 2010 and 2011 but refuses to be so transparent for the previous years.

Romney’s accounting firm, Pricewaterhouse Coopers says there is no evidence that copies of the records have been stolen and no evidence of any security breach. The building in question has not reported any recent break ins and is highly secured with key card operated elevators.

This hasn’t stopped the secret service from taking this possible theft seriously and they want to be sure such a beach has not happened. This is certainly not the best start to Romney’s 2012 campaign and it remains to be seen whether Romney is prepared to pay $1million for those copies if indeed they have been stolen.

Article by Jacob Bowens who is a writer and columnist who has also produced articles at this site and this site.


Royal Baby May Finally Be On The Way

pregnantIt appears there are now some credible rumors regarding a potential royal baby for Kate Middleton and Prince William. The latest gossip around Buckingham Palace suggests we may soon be seeing the Duchess of Cambridge with a baby bump.

Insiders say Kate is convinced she has finally conceived and both she and Prince William are delighted but they wish to keep the news private for now. Kate supposedly felt the early signs of pregnancy since the couple had a passionate night together at their country house in Wales just after the Olympics ended.

The only problem with these rumors is that we have heard it all before and then they turn out to be false, though these do seem to be more credible. It will take more than gossip to convince many people, some will need an announcement from Buckingham Palace before they let themselves believe.

Friends say Kate is hoping for a baby girl who she wishes to call Diana after the former princess. However it is likely Prince William will also be very keen for a son to raise.

It looks like for now everybody will just have to wait and see but the signs are encouraging and it will no doubt produce scenes of joy across the UK and the world if an official announcement is made.

Article by Kimberly Graham, a columnist who has also written articles about toddler bike helmets click here


Obese Children More Likely To Struggle At School

overweight childA new study has shown that obesity can have a bad influence on a child’s academic performance. Those children with raised blood pressure, high cholesterol and insulin resistance tending to perform worse on tests. Experts are suggesting these findings as very important as it shows obesity is not just a physical issue.

People from New York University led the study of 49 children with metabolic syndrome (which means they display health problems due to obesity). They found that just a few years of suffering from such complications can cause poor brain function.

When compared to healthy children, those with metabolic syndrome achieved lower math and spelling scores as well as a decreased attention span. There was also a general lower IQ but memory did not seem to be affected. In addition the brain structure and volume appeared to be altered, with a smaller hippocampus which is important for learning and recall of information.

Further research will be required to determine whether weight loss could reverse these cognitive issues. It is likely to scare parents who never want to see their kids do badly in school. It is the first time being overweight could potentially effect a person’s professional achievement in life and will hopefully lead those affected to take action.

Article by Catherine Truman who is a medical authority who written articles for other sites including and


The Paper Lunch Bag That Will Cost you $290

paper bagFashion designer Jil Sander has launched a paper bag with a makeover and slapped a $290 price tag on it. Despite the large price tag, these bags are proving to be very popular and are selling out in stores.

You would normally expect to pay this kind of money for a really nice bracelet or necklace rather than a simple paper bag. People purchasing this item will surely have more money than sense or worse still they will purchase it with their credit card and run into debt.

So, why does the bag fetch such a high price in the first place? Well, it is made from high-durability coated paper, has stitched seams, metal eyelets and of course the designer logo. Does that convince you to go out and snap up one of these? I hope not.

The madness doesn’t stop with paper bags though; a leather lunch bag will set you back an eye-watering $630 whilst a designer carrier bag will cost an astonishing $150.

Jil Sander is surely laughing all the way to the bank by selling something which costs pennies to make an unbelievable mark-up. Sometimes I wonder what goes through people’s heads when they decide they need these items. Let’s hope common sense will prevail eventually and these will stop being so popular.

Article by Melissa Brubaker, a fashion writer who has also produced articles about simulated diamond rings click here and affordable handbags


Usain Bolt Refuses to Compete in the UK Again until Tax Laws are Changed

tax lawOlympic champion Usain Bolt who won gold in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay this year in London will not be racing in the UK again under current tax laws. The sprinter objects to the law which means he is taxed on global sponsorship, endorsement earnings and appearance fees whilst competing in Britain.

The news will be disappointing for his many fans in the UK especially from the Jamaican population, Bolt says he loves it there but they will not see him again until current tax laws are loosened. He currently earns around $20million a year and is not happy with HMRC, the UKs tax agency taking a slice of that money.

With the way the law works, HMRC take a percentage of Bolt’s winnings as well as his massive $20million sponsorship deal with Puma. He did not compete in the UK during the three years before the Olympic Games and only agreed to take part in London 2012 after the government announced a tax amnesty for athletes.

Bolt is not the first sports star to pull out of UK competitions, tennis player Rafa Nadal also opted to play in Germany instead as he believed competing in England would cost him too much money from the tax commitments.

Article by Harry Gowan who is a law authority and writer who has also produced articles about Criminal Law here